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Fun Doggy Adventures

Hello I’m Nicky the founder of Walk My Dog Amsterdam.
I’m a firm believer that you only get out of a dog what you put into them and who doesn’t love a well balanced, happy dog?! 
Having raised many of my own dogs, I have become educated in order to provide them with the best life possible and to give them the necessary tools and boundaries they need to become confident, happy and well rounded members of my family.
I advocate force free, positive inputs with play and fun  enrichments as a core part of my relationship with any dog. 

Entrusting your dog to others for care can be a stressful decision, I have been there many times myself! 
Dogs become attached to people and so Walk My Dog Amsterdam is about offering a complete personal care service, where your dog will always feel safe and comfortable and that is professional, reliable and trustworthy. I am fully registered and insured and am certified in providing canine first aid.

I really look forward to meeting you and Amsterdog soon for some fun doggy adventures. 

Where It All Began

Passion for dogs is in my blood and has been passed down through a large family of dog lovers. I grew up in a house with many different dogs so there were always different dogs running around the place.
Over the years I have raised, trained and loved my own wonderful dogs who have all taught me different lessons about the canine world. I currently have 1 pupper who is my joy and my inspiration to further my journey into the world of dogs. 

The Odd Couple

I came to the Netherlands from England to pursue my career as a dj and little did I know that I would find myself working with both of my life passions at the same time – djing and dogs! An odd couple you might think, but actually pawfect partners!  

I played at night which meant I had a lot of time during the day to fill, so I found a side job with a company in the city working with the other thing I love in life – dogs! 

Consistent Positivity

Fast forward to the start of the pandemic and I found myself unemployed like many others. This forced me to make some big decisions and really highlighted to me that dogs always give consistent positivity and that was something I wanted to continue to have in my every day. 

Through my passion and knowledge of working with dogs and by establishing a great connection,  I am able to effect a rewarding and positive impact that makes them happy and which goes towards making their lives amazing. To me that’s the most satisfying and rewarding job there is!

So Walk My Dog Amsterdam was born and I am now completing studies in Canine Behaviour with the ISCP which will allow me to practice as a dog behaviourist and incorporate these services into Walk My Dog in order to provide a full circle of support services that other dog owners can rely on

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