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Fun Doggy Adventures

Hey there,

I’m Nicky the founder of Walk My Dog Amsterdam.
My dog philosophy is,
that you only get out what you put in!

Having raised many of my own dogs, I educated myself in all things canine so that I could set them up for success to be happy and well rounded members of my family.
I advocate force free, positive inputs with lot’s of play and fun enrichments as an essential part of my relationship with any dog. 

Entrusting your dog to others for care can be a stressful decision, I have been there many times myself! 
At Walk My Dog Amsterdam we provide a professional & trustworthy service you can rely on, where your dog will always feel safe and have the best time. We are fully registered, insured and certified in providing canine first aid.

I really look forward to meeting you and Amsterdog soon for some fun doggy adventures

Where It All Began

Passion for dogs is in my blood and has been passed down through a large family of dog lovers. I grew up in England in a house with many different dogs so there were always different paws running around the place.
Over the years I have raised, trained and loved my own wonderful dogs who have all taught me different lessons about the canine world. I currently have 1 pupper who is my joy and my inspiration to further my journey into the world of dogs. 

The Odd Couple

I came to the Netherlands to pursue my career as a dj but working at night gave me a lot of free time during the day to fill up.

So instead of lounging around, I found a part time job walking dogs and fell in love with it.

Consistent Positivity

Who could have know that only a few short years later the world would come to a stop and I would be instantly unemployed!
The pandemic forced me to make some big life decisions and really highlighted to me that dogs have always been a huge part of my life, giving me such an amazing, consistent positivity which was something
I wanted to have every day. 

I set up Walk My Dog Amsterdam and studied canine behaviour with ISCP which has further deepened my education and knowledge.  The most rewarding job there is, is making our dog clients happy and building a great connection!  I am so thankful that I get to call this my job!

walkmydogamsterdam hond met bal

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