dog walking

Walking is one of the most important things for a dog. Its a great form of exercise and allows them to build up a picture of the world around them. Walks help build confidence and provide socialisation with others dogs to learn and discover.

Sniffing and Exploring

Our aim is to build a strong bond of trust which allows us to fully engage with your dog and provide the best experience and interactions.

We always allow and encourage lots of sniffing, exploring, play and socialisation and use games like tug, chase, ball play, nose games, swim fetch to engage your dog mentally and physically.

We give your dog THE BEST time when they are with us. 

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How We Work

We collect your dog from their home and walk in one of the green spaces most local to you. 

Our walks last for 30 or 60 minutes and we return your dog home happy and tired. 

We make sure they are clean and dry so no muddy paw prints!

Before we leave we check they are comfortable and can refill water/food bowls.

For your convenience you can supply a key for access so do not have to be home when we call.


SOLO 60 min | €25
SOLO 30 min | €15
PACK 60 min | €20