Raising a puppy is one of the most rewarding yet challenging things you can do and while we as dog parents make all necessary adaptations to our lives in order to accommodate them, we can’t always be with them the whole time.

Many puppys can have a tough time with separation anxieties and destructive behaviours associated with boredom. The resulting effects can cause long lasting issues with your pup that can be difficult to fix if left unchecked and also a lot of frustration for owners.

Our puppy service is designed to help support you and your puppy in bridging the time gap when you need to be away from home during the day and we can Pop-In more than once if needed. 

We give your puppy respite with positive physical and mental interactions by means of toiletting, play, reinforced training commands, redirecting attention to toys and chew distractions and plenty of reassurance and love.


POP-IN 30 mins | €17

2 x POP-IN | €28

We Will

  • Provide toiletting
  • Clean up puppy “accidents” and replace pads/paper
  • Positive reinforcement of commands you are working on
  • Refill Kongs, sniff mats, licky toys
  • Make sure your pup has access to chew toys/distraction items you are using
  • Give your pup lots of calming cuddles and positive reassurance
  • Leave you an update in your Amsterpup journal