A Real Doggy Day

Every Saturday we escape the city with a small group of Amsterdogs for an enriching and sniffilicious adventure to the woods and waterways surrounding Amsterdam.

This is a day for dogs to be dogs, doing real doggy things!

Our Sniffaris slow down the fast pace of city living and allow your dog to lead the way with their nose at their own pace!  

Sniffing is a fundamental activity that helps your dog create a picture of the world around them.  The act of the ‘sniff’ alone stimulates so many cognitive layers in relaying information that is creates a calming effect which can be a brilliant stress buster and confidence builder.

We make our Sniffaris much more than just an olfactory journey by integrating natural obstacles such as trees, rough terrain, water, logs and bushes to create a multi-sensory adventure to explore, that engages all of your dogs cognition and senses.  

 By the end of our Sniffari day we guarantee that your dog will be SUPER TIRED and SUPER HAPPY.




We pickup from 11.00 and drop off from 15.00